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Fury For You

Fury For You

Friday, August 9, 2013

Living Faith Fellowship Church Places Teenage Motorcylists In Harms Way

The Schistosoma Parasite Strikes Again
UPDATE. UPDATE. Yep, folks the nasty of nasty Nazi regime Churches in the Nazi city of Klamath Falls in Oregon has decided that an attempt to injure other folks to prove their point is in order.  

The Living Faith Fellowship Church in Klamath Falls (Address: 4549 Homedale Rd, Klamath Falls, OR 97603 Phone:(541) 884-4720) bolted down a heavy cable so that teenage wandering motorcyclists would not see it and could have an accident.  "Oh no, they wouldn't do anything like that!" declares the sweet little old ladies.   
It was just the other day, the pastor, the secretary, and the youth pastor ambushed me on the way to my therapeutic walk with a 72-hour notice to remove my sick and wild Mustangs off their property. Why didn't they approach me with a 30-day notice in June?  Seems like yesterday I was telling the fat bitch secretary to get some physical exercise on that lovely trail.  That's the thing with obesity, fat people would rather enjoy robbing people of their dignity than repairing their own.

After years and years of sabotaging my businesses and my residence, Christian principles are rearing its ugly skin head.               

I phoned the KID (Klamath Vector Control District) and they said they did not put the cable there. I phoned the Klamath County Administration and they said they did not put the cable there. I phoned Brixner High School and left a message. I know for a fact they would never do that even during football practice because I have walked that path for years and they have never did it before. I phoned the Bureau of Reclamation. They said they would not put the cable there because it's against their safety policies that an off road cyclist could severely injure themselves.

I figure, since prosecutors are permitted to maliciously prosecute without reserve, I too can freely accuse.  It was the creepy psychopath members of the Living Faith Fellowship Church who gave me a 72 hour notice to move my wild Mustangs. This is because I refuse to fuck their American men. What else could it be that would drive them into a frenzy of madness?

While it is true that for over fifteen years, state and federal judges, community punks and Christian members have used abusive tactics to harass and make me and my livestock ill, to cripple me and to sabotage and destroy all of my businesses, it never occurred to Napa County Judges in the State of California that if I excepted a plea that did not fit the scope of a punishment, it would not be adequate to meet the nature of the crime and the Judges hands would be bound in advance. See

After complaining about harassment tactics and filing a lawsuit against the Living Faith Fellowship Church and Tim and Robin Kee who resided on the Church property, Tim a teacher at Hosanna, was coincidently "terminated" for "not being able to speak Spanish."  We may never understand the real reason for his dismissal, but we can tell you, some or all of the board of directors is the same board of directors/elders who operates Living Faith Fellowship Church.  

We may never understand the real reason for Tim's dismissal, but we can tell you,Tim took his frustrations out on a woman who leased pasture from the Church. Now, it's the Churches turn to create physical, emotional, and financial abuse as a weapon against a woman so she will be forced to depend on and service their American men.

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