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A blog about bullies who use physical tactics like social alienation and humiliation. Looking different can provoke bullying and will typically trigger social isolation and weakness. Bullies almost always abuse power and use deliberate and depraved indifference. Some bullies go away, but others get angry and keep bullying until they get a reaction. That’s what they want. Some bullies have high self-esteem. They feel good about themselves. They feel better by picking on others. Most of the time, bullying isn’t about high or low self-esteem. It’s about having power.

Fury For You

Fury For You

Friday, February 20, 2015

"Smell It!" Is The Klamath County Library Motto.

Children welcome to learn about nudity at the Klamath County library in Oregon. Teaching children why not wearing pants doesn't matter, It's the norm: women will be trashed in the gutter while men get to expose private parts. Only a face women in Klamath Falls, Oregon, love.
"Smell it!" is the Klamath County library motto. Child molesters are welcome because teaching your children is what it's about in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
 In Klamath Falls, Oregon, we do not have indecent exposure laws. At our public library, men are allowed to expose their private parts as children walk by. (If I were to do this I would be sent to prison). No one in this town knows right from wrong. Authorities here promote petty psychological abuse because they don't care where your children go. They would rather nit-pick on women for trivial matters then matters such as this.

 Gay men will always be welcome at the library. Child molesters also!!!

 Are you a plumber? Because if you don't like it, smell it.  The behavior of men is always welcome. Women must not reveal their private parts or else off to prison you go for "dog biting" or "animals at large".

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Child Protective Service Christmas Fable

That time of year again...

Twas the night before Adoption
Twas the night before Adoption, when all through the states
Not a parent was stirring, not even their mates.
The dockets were hung by the courtrooms with care,
In hopes that profits soon would be there.

The children were hiding all under their beds,
While visions of fear danced in their heads.
And mamma with her ‘kerchief, and my empty lap,
Had just rattled our brains for a miracles hap.

When out of the dawn there arose such a matter,
We sprang from the dead to see this mad hatter.
Away to the courtrooms we flew like a flash,
Tore open threat letters and threw up some cash.

The badge on the breasts of the crew-takin shots
Gave the illusion of importance to children and tots.
When, what through their outlandish lies should appear,

But another court day, and more children in fear.
With a plump little driver, so wicked and slick,
I knew child services were up to old tricks.

More rabid than beagles her minions they came,
And she blathered, and boasted, and called them by name!

"Now Justin! now, Christine! now, Dimwit were fixin!
Those parents are stupid! Kidnap their children without even blinkin!

Damn the constitution! Let‘s take them all!
Now dash away! Crash away! Go have a ball!"

Like dry heaves and the wild tsetse fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, just flat out lie.
So into the households the coursers took new,
Fake court orders for Boys, and their Sisters too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard through false allegations so biled,

The gnashing of teeth and weeping of each little child.
The silence was sad, including those sounds,
Damn child services with their self anointed crowns.

They are happy with money, selling kid’s heads for their loot,
And they do what they want, parents get boot.

As judge, jury and executioners, they think they are bigger,
And they‘ll sell them kids off to the courts highest bidder.

Their eyes-how they twinkle! their pimples now cherry!
They think they’re like Moses, their wallets so merry!

Their dull little lives like freaks in a sideshow,
And the gear of their grin is as yellow spot snow.

The stump of a child they hold tight in their teeth,
And the stench it encircles their head like a wreath.

They have a cold face, shows lack of a mommy.
Why would they care, with that bowlful of money!

They are chubby and plump, fat off the riches,
And I have no pity for those sons-a-^&%$#(@!

Like Captain Bly, and pirates we dread,
Soon gave me to know they’re screwed up in the head!

After the kidnappings, they speak not a word,
They fill up their stockings, then run like a herd.
And laying their fingers inside their nose,
And giving the finger, up yours they pose!

They spring to their S.U.V‘s, to their team give a whistle,
And away they all fly, their theft is pretend legal.
But I hear them exclaim, ‘ere they drive out of sight,
"If they find hidden laws, we're all screwed tonight!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

So, You Want A Donation For The Holidays?

After You Are Finished Celebrating, It Will Be Another Year Of Misogyny: The World's Oldest Prejudice

The Police and their meth-head thugs couldn't STAND to see a woman Business Owner doing well, so they used their drug thugs to harass and intimidate her until finally the slumlord evicted her.

What is Misogyny (/m?'s?d??ni/)? It is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.

Misogyny is manifested in many different ways, from jokes to pornography to violence...When a woman seeks help desperately, she may turn to state and federal courts. Sadly, the entrenched prejudices and cultural attitudes for hatred against women are there as well.

Misogyny functions as an ideology or belief system that has accompanied patriarchal, or male-dominated societies for thousands of years and continues to place women in subordinate positions with limited access to power and decision making.

One philosopher argued that women are "by nature meant to obey" as they are "childish, frivolous, and short sighted"

Yes, women are "Nuts" if she doesn't want to let the dirty rotten pigs of society take advantage of her. She is "Nuts" if she don't like being forced to live among the heathens. She is "Nuts" if she doesn't let men rob her of her inheritance. She is "Nuts" if she doesn't want men to indoctrinate her children against her. She is "Nuts" if she refuses to let men kidnap her children and separate them from the the arms of decent loving parents. She is "Nuts" if she sues men for slander and libel even though her life and career(s) will be affected to this day. As a result of lawsuits, she is "Nuts" to complain about the invidiously discrimination that goes along with such lawsuits. She is "Nuts" if she refuses to let law enforcement and their deputized thugs incessantly harass her. She is "Nuts" if she doesn't let them pilfer all of her personal property and vehicles. She is "Nuts" if she doesn't let them default in a court proceeding because some Federal judge plays the devils advocate. She is "Nuts" if she doesn't let them force their labor on her without pay. She is "Nuts" if she doesn't let them heinously torture her and violate the Eighth Amendment causing her to suffer life threatening illnesses. She is  "Nuts" if she doesn't let them isolate her in a place where she cannot reach competent or adequate medical care.

One woman will never reap the rewards of her dedicated fight against the most horrendous civil and human right violations. Instead, vicious male misogynist judges have barred her from ever prevailing so that she will suffer community stalking, threats, harassment, violence, homelessness and life threatening ill health from the absolute poverty they have imprisoned her in.

While stringing one woman along for 20 years battling at the State and Federal level, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Organization of American States,1889 F St NW, Washington, D.C., 20006;  Telephone: 202 370 9000 has discriminated against her because not only is she a woman, she is a Caucasian woman. (See case No.: P-828-09). The Commission only favors Latinos. Their policy is not to preserve life but to allow death to occur before any action is taken.

I use to believe this was a pretty good country. That was until the US Gov illegally convicted me as a child molester, took my two sons, pilfered my $100k rightfully inherited trust funds and other property without due process, arbitrarily arrested me over 28 times by one cop who has since been sued for excessive force by another woman, subjected me to malicious prosecutions that a man would never be subjected to, robbed me of countless businesses and vehicles, my civil rights have been deemed criminal while the criminal actions of others against me are tried civilly. For 20 years I have battled all of this and more by myself with absolutely no support or help from my twisted community. While I get to watch men wrongfully convicted win their cases, the perception of the misogynist is to use their drug addicted hooligans and punks to illegally evict me while in the freeze of winter while I suffer a life threatening illness from their filth of poverty.

I hope all women have fathers that will live forever because once your father is gone, women are free game for men to do as they have to me.

Yes. I hate this country with every cell and fiber of my being.  For all of these reasons, may the earthquake in the city of Napa, California cause it to fall into the deepest, darkest, pits of the ocean. CASE CLOSED or should I say, "Case dismissed!"

⊰✿░S░H░A░R░E░⊰✿ ░T░O⊰✿░S░A░V░E░⊰✿ 

Monday, August 25, 2014

YES, HELL IS VERY REAL And My Ghetto Will Be Your Ghetto

When they sent me to prison, I hammered the Bible. Over 200 times, it said, "VENGEANCE IS MINE". So, I crossed my arms and said, "Okay! I'm going to stand on Your promises!"

"This is what the City of Napa gets for forcing my daughter to suffer their nasty federal and state-managed campaigns for violations of her civil and human rights where her sons were kidnapped and taken captive among Gentiles in order to separate them from their Jewish heritage". The Hebrew G-d of His Ancient People

"[T]he LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation" (Exodus 17:16)  

Yoo Hoo, Deb Deb, I have the last piece of the puzzle.
Everyone is "Nuts" who doesn't let the dirty rotten pigs of society take advantage of you. You are "Nuts" if you don't like being forced to live among the heathens. You are "Nuts" if you don't let them rob you of your inheritance. You are "Nuts" if you don't let them indoctrinate your children against you. You are "Nuts" if you don't let them kidnap your children and separate them from the the arms of decent loving parents. You are "Nuts" if you don't let them slander and libel you even though your life and career(s) will be affected to this day. You are "Nuts" if you don't let law enforcement and their deputized thugs incessantly harass you. You are "Nuts" if you don't let them invidiously discriminate against you. You are "Nuts" if you don't let them pilfer all of your personal property and vehicles. You are "Nuts" if you don't let them default in a court proceeding because some Federal judge plays the devils advocate. You are "Nuts" if you don't let them force their labor on you without pay. You are "Nuts" if you don't let them heinously torture you and violate the Eighth Amendment causing you to be sick. You are "Nuts" if you don't let them isolate you in a place where you cannot reach competent or adequate medical care. For all of these reasons, may the earthquake of Napa, California, make their city fall into the deepest, darkest, pits of the ocean.

YES, HELL IS VERY REAL. Time to march over FEMA and submit my report of several counts of Eighth Amendment violations and labor disputes under 18 U.S. Code §1589. 

Dear G-d in Heaven: The Gentiles didn't pay heed to Your word when you punished them with the 2007 Labor Day earthquake. MAKE THEM PAY FOR ABANDONING ME IN A GHETTO FULL OF HEATHENS!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Depression Comes From Not Being Able To Pilfer The Belonging Of Women

My brother with Robin Williams. He was an extra in the movie, "What Dreams May Come." My case is so heinous, he lured me for a "family" visit then sodomized me. The Napa police department in Napa, California has indoctrinated me for battling civil and human right violations.
When indifference is so extreme, your voice sounds like ranting and rambling to state and federal judges.

Nearly 40,000 Americans commit suicide each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The rate among middle age Americans rose 28 percent between 1999 and 2010, landing suicide in the country’s top 10 leading causes of death. Soon, the rate will go up thanks to state and federal judges and corrupt law enforcement officers who pilfer the belongings of others.

The risk of suicide is highest among white people, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and the overall suicide rate is about four times higher among men than among women. This is because men want the belongings of vulnerable women and will do anything to rob her blind.

About 90 percent of people who commit suicide are suffering from some kind of mental illness like depression. Depression at the level of low life white trash comes from laws that stop the pilfering of the property of women. Many fear they cannot get away with it, yet, others know they can.

Police are responsible for 1 out 4 deaths in the world. What do they teach cops when they train them? They teach them that they are god and can do anything to everyone and even kill and they won't be responsible for their actions. They have no hearts and won't let you speak at all. I don't and will never trust them. They will pay for their actions one day when they face God. God damn Nazi's from HELL.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The People In Klamath Falls, Oregon, Are Petty, Frivolous And Jealous Demons From Hell

Do you live in Alaska and are having trouble with DCFS, CPS, DHS, DHSS, DSS, DFPS, DCSS AND/OR FAMILY COURT? 

The reason you are having so much trouble with the system is because the Germans took over Alaska along time ago. Don't ask me how they got to Alaska, but, I'm telling you, you are dealing with some dangerous people working the system. That's why you should be listening to the stories of the Holocaust Survivors. They dealt with the Germans and survived. 

Amalekites are externally polite and friendly but harbor a deep hatred toward his/her target. They have a dark sense of humor and use altruism to invent laws so that a mother can no longer care for her young. 

Germans are descendents of Amalekites. Hitler was one. Holocaust Decrees can be compared with today's counterparts in the past and you will find complete parallels even in detail as if they were a memory. 

Amalekites have an intrinsic pathological need to make irrational concepts of law. No one is safe who stands for truth and goodness where all events are random and hence where morality is inconceivable.  

Throughout history and before WWII, Jews toiled very hard using their bare hands and G-d given mind to build up businesses only for the jealous Amalekites to destroy, run them out of the nation and pilfer their wealth. Today, in America, German Amalekites are the same; jealous of Jewish people who are talented and work very hard. Since, I have lived in Klamath Falls, Oregon, the people who surround me are nothing but petty, destructive, frivolous and jealous demons from hell.
I find it is true that many such measures were worked out in the course of more than a 2,000 years ago by the authorities of the church and by secular governments that followed in those footsteps. How can we expect them to discontinue now?  And, now, I know why.

During the defeat of Germany, Russian soldiers were using rape as a form of revenge against the Germans, regarding women as carnal booty.

In many towns and villages every female, aged from 10 to 80, was raped. How many German women were raped? One can only guess, at least 15 million women who either lived in the Soviet Union zone or were expelled from the eastern provinces. So, like most women who are expelled because they have been raped, Alaska's family court system may consist of Caucasian women who are the progeny of German Amalekites.

Now, wait a minute! Wait a minute! Don't feel sorry for them!!! In I Samuel 15:3-5, King Saul was to destroy the Amalekites. It says, “Smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that is his. And have no pity on him; slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.” So, King Saul gathered the Jewish people together and waged war against the Amalekites, slaying the entire nation and destroying their property.

However, “he had pity on Agag, and the choicest of the sheep and cattle...,” and brought them back with him. Samuel severely reproached the King for this and said: “Because you have rejected the word of G-d, He has rejected you as king.” Though Samuel then killed Agag, Agag was able to father a child in the interval between his capture by the King and his death. That child was the ancestor of Haman who was an ancestor of Hitler. See the rape of German women and their expulsion. and

And, although we are required by the benevolent principles of rational liberty, not only to expel civil tyranny but also to guard against that spiritual oppression and intolerance wherewith the bigotry of weak and wicked priests and princes who have scourged mankind, we will turn the other way pretending not to know so we do not have to confront conflict. And, just like the Germans who proclaimed they did not know about the atrocities that were happening to the Jews, we to we'll all look up one day and proclaim, "How did this get out of control?"

In my case, there was a City of Napa police officer, Randy Bowman the Kapo, Bolshevik Jew who was a descendant of Haman [who in turn was a descendant of Amalek, converted to Judaism and] studied the Torah in public. His last words to me before he arrested me was that he wore his big Jewish star to proclaim his Zionism.

Yep. Just like in Germany when the Nazi's were dragging out the Jewish families from their homes. No one knew nothing about it. According to Holocaust survivors, Kapo Jews were more despicable than the Nazi's. I experienced some things that you would not believe unless you experienced it yourself. For instance, Bowman the "Jew" use to have stag parties at the office. He use to have a target where he would shoot darts at his prospective suspects. Bowman, the "Jew" would thumb his nose up at the law and flout it in your face while talking about golfing. How professional is that?    

Elements Of Police Cruelty

Cyberbullying Disability bullying Gay bashing Hazing Military bullying Mobbing Parental bullying Passive aggression Peer victimization Prison bullying Rankism Relational aggression School bullying Sexual bullying Workplace bullying Academia Blue collar Information technology Medicine Nursing Teaching Elements Betrayal Blacklisting Bullying culture Bystanders Character assassination Control Coercion Climate of fear Defamation Destabilisation Discrediting Embarrassment False accusation Gaslighting Gossip Harassment Humiliation Incivility Innuendo Insult Intimidation Mind games Moving the goalposts Nagging Name calling Personal attacks Psychological abuse Physical abuse Rudeness Sarcasm School pranks Setting up to fail Smear campaign Social rejection Social undermining Taunting Teasing Whispering campaign Workplace incivility Verbal abuse Yelling Organizations Act Against Bullying Beatbullying Bullying UK Kidscape GRIN Campaign Jer's Vision Actions Anti-Bullying Day Anti-Bullying Week International STAND UP to Bullying Day Anti-bullying legislation International Day of Pink Related Topics Control freak Complex post-traumatic stress disorder Dehumanization Depression Emotional blackmail Narcissism Personal boundaries Personality disorders Psychological manipulation Psychological projection Psychological trauma Psychopathy Scapegoating Self-esteem Sycophancy Victim blaming Victim playing Victimization Whistleblowing

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Human Trafficking Victims

Human Trafficking Victims
I was promised a job in the legal industry making substantial money, spent a lot of time in college. Then, corrupt lying police officers stigmatized me as a sex offender. State and federal judges targeted me and exploited my work for 15+ years while forcing me to conform to the ways of American men. This also is a form of human trafficking.