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A blog about bullies who use physical tactics like social alienation and humiliation. Looking different can provoke bullying and will typically trigger social isolation and weakness. Bullies almost always abuse power and use deliberate and depraved indifference. Some bullies go away, but others get angry and keep bullying until they get a reaction. That’s what they want. Some bullies have high self-esteem. They feel good about themselves. They feel better by picking on others. Most of the time, bullying isn’t about high or low self-esteem. It’s about having power.

Fury For You

Fury For You

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Boost Your Manhood Today! Become A Skin Head Nazi!

And the difference is?

What is the difference between a U.S. Army psychiatrist charged in a mass shooting and a skin-head Pastor of Living Fellowship Church in Klamath Falls, Oregon who promotes violence against women?  Hint. Hint: Pastors circumvent blame while attending to their paedophile duties.

Boost your manhood today by witnessing a woman contend with mass community gang stalking. See the following posts. This is an order by your Oregon Federal Magistrate!!

The purpose of our lives is to be happy. ~Dalai Lama

While some gay people are not allow to evolve, skin headed Nazi are allowed to evolve into full blown walking penis' for the sole purpose to use against women who was illegally convicted as a paedophile some would describe as evident through vigilante justice. She remains abused as a predatory victim for gang stalking experiments.

One would think that if you own your own business, one would be secure and free of discrimination. However, being self-employed no longer serves as a loop hole to get around discriminatory practices. Gang stalkers who retain the power of abuse can deliberately create a community of menaces making the business owner so sick, she will no longer function. The crippling effect is substantial and even if a woman has three resumes she will be unable to earn one red-cent. (Blessings from your state and federal judges who conspire with their long out stretched arms to terminate the lives of their female victims.)

Discrimination can include your Pay Pal account being suspended for "unknown" reasons. So, don't think you can sell something on eBay. These actions also are effective to discriminate against website self-employment objectives, i.e. website artist, solicited donations, affiliate programs.

Oregon State Judge Wogan sold me a bunk truck I needed to run around for horse shoeing. The vehicle operated for 12 days. He deliberately lost legal documents and demanded that I serve legal documents knowing that process servers experience violence. The Sheriff can serve papers. Judges Wogan, Rambo, and other public defenders have constantly violated my rights. They are delegating their minions to create more harm to me because they know I am a targeted victim and Federal judges have allowed this violence to continue through gang stalking.

Pastors Who Use Clever Techniques To Incarcerate Gay Women Because 
We Won't Fuck Their American Men

For women seeking a stable career, horseshoeing is hard to beat when having to cope with abusive mean misogynist men. The job takes a bit of strength, but it is easy in compare to dealing with American Nazi's and their thirsts to degrade you and pilfer all your property and energy. All complete with the blessing of state and federal judges who only listen to In Properia Personas who are men. 

There will always be a demand for farriers because a machine can't replace us. However, misogynist men, state, and federal judges can make your life unbearably uncomfortable especially if you are a woman and have children. If you have a bad back, church members and their Nazi regime enjoy twisting that sciatica nerve because pain reminds them of Jesus. If skin headed Nazi's can ambush you with a 72 hour notice to vacate your, now, wild Mustangs, they revel in the fact that no one will help a woman in distress and glory be to Jesus.

I would not advise any woman who has lost their child or children to attend these churches. They are not there for you in any form of support. Or, for that matter in spirit.  I, for one have contributed tithings above my limit only to be scorned by the church in secret. I have attended many, many, churches through the years and they are not the answer. Most are liars and hypocrites and will treat you with contempt. For your own health and welfare, again, they are not there for you and everything they do is a "favor".  

If you have been homeless for 15 years and you finally find a resting place, members of the church will be jealous and create havoc once they find out where you live. This, they imply, is so you can move. Gang stalking can include stuffing up your septic until community feces and urine cover your residence. If you are self-employed, Members of the church will do what they can to terminate any prospective livelihood you attempt to accomplish. If you do not let Members of the church poke your tits in squealing delight, you will become the enemy.  Members of a church will look right through you and will not hear your distress. When you realize who is marrying you, you will find them quite creepy.

The church I'm going to now is to pay back the $180 for July's rent. (I spent all my money on 4" walls so the menacing punk next door will ignore me). So, as I sleep through the sermon, I wait to pay it back in tithings.

Sadly, we do not have girly bars here in Klamath Falls, Oregon where men can relieve their sexual barbaric and sadistic fantasies. So, they must use Cosma because they know state and federal judges have dismissed all her lawsuits and refuse to make them accountable. When asked how do they get away with it, they reply "because we can".

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