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Fury For You

Fury For You

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Police Church And Their Government Proxies

"And to the angel of the church in...'[T]hese things saith He Which hath the sharp sword with two edges; "I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is..."' "[A]nd unto the angel of the church in...'[T]hese things saith the First and the Last, Which was dead, and is alive'; "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan...'" The Hebrew King who dwells in us all (except those who have a reprobate mind)

It's a sad sad day when a law enforcement officer can shift the attention of a Jewish mother who is working her fingers to the bone to make a better life for her two minor sons by making an oppressive decree resulting in 25 arrests then being promoted to lieutenant. 

It's a sad sad day when a Jewish mother has to witness police support for an alcoholic sperm donor who turned out to be a child molester.

It's a sad sad day when a Jewish mother with two minor sons is forced to flee the Napa jurisdiction for her life only for the police to stalk her at another town. 

It's a sad sad day when the police had Child Protective Services "legally" abduct the two minor sons from the arms of a loving Jewish mother, then exiled her to Susanville, California where the harrowing experiences of torture forced her to flee California into Oregon where the torture has been endlessly inflicted on this Jewess for 15+ years. 

It's a sad sad day when all of a woman's legal businesses, personal property, and $100k inheritance have been pilfered and confiscated without due process, the police laughing in her face and allowing others to perpetrate more crimes against her while dragging her through the mud using "legalized" slander and libel.

But, hey, the world didn't care and they looked the other way when the Jews of Europe were being tortured and murdered by the millions. No one knew anything about some of the most ghastly actions humans could ever perpetrate on one another. No one knew when families were being ripped a part by the police and gassed. But, the fact is: They did know, just as thousands have read my blogs. The people know when business owners are being dragged out of their homes, shot on the spot through the closed doors of "juvenile proceedings".

The police enjoyed escorting the Jews into the gas chambers only to open the doors to see the bodies falling out like rocks from a truck. The police enjoyed watching the Jews burn other Jews in Crematorium 2 who were covered and lungs filled with the ashes of the burnt flesh. 

It is true, many such measures were worked out in the course of more than 2,000 years ago by the authorities of the church and by secular governments that followed in those footsteps. How can we expect them to discontinue now?

The police of Napa, California, have intrinsic pathological needs compared with their counterparts in the past.  We find complete parallels even in detail as if they were a memory:  using decrees to invent Nuremberg laws so that a Jewish mother can no longer care for her young, and the Kapo Jew, Randy Bowman, whose only morality of ideology is the survival of the strongest. 

There are no values other than those of the people in charge! Debbie Peecook, the blond lieutenant, who has assimilated into the people around her; her tendency to mock the Jewess for being cynical when she saw altruism, the irrational concept of law, the logical progression of conversion to ghettoization; And, the unholy cynicism to kill a Jew at every attempt when she improves herself and smother any move towards refining her character and expressing her soul.
Such hatred cannot be combated through diplomacy. There is no option to re-educate an Amalekite or review her school curricula ( to "implant language chips in the brains of the police") because her hatred was not taught - it was ingrained.  As long as an Amalekite walks the earth, no Jew is safe. No one is safe who stands for truth and goodness where all events are random and hence where morality is inconceivable in the City of Napa, and, now, the city of Klamath Falls in Oregon.

So, join us at Ft Bragg as we flout the law of chaos in your face.

After her family was wiped out, the ol' Jewish mom picked up her ol' battered suit case to find somewhere else where there was a possibility of decency and the nobility of an ordinary life. The City of Napa in California had run her out of California into Oregon where she continues to fight for her life in some of the most heinous civil and human right violations going on for 15+ years.

Living Faith Fellowship Church had no mercy and harassed and discriminated against her. So, when she receives her settlement check for the injuries she's sustained by California, she will move to her homeland, ISRAEL, where she belongs. And, she will go to the Knesset and make sure they have a list of the names who should not ever step foot in the Holy Land without a fight!  Based on a true story

I have been profiled as being a lesbian for which I have suffered innumerable injustices. Despite my legal pleadings, I have had no access to any court. The physical and psychological violence and torture, and the removal of my two sons without my consent has been intolerable. I have had some comfort from my mustang horses that have made life somewhat bearable.

During a time while I was arbitrarily arrested and confined in a mental institution for three months, I filed a lawsuit and defended myself asking one Oregon court to recognize and acknowledge that my livestock were not only needed for my profession (horse shoeing and trimming), but that they were also very much comfort for my needed companionship. They have helped soothe my emotional outrage from the civil and human right violations.

They have been very instrumental as therapeutic tools especially due to the grievous loss of my children. My Mustangs have given me somewhat of a motherly purpose to care, feed, and water them. They have helped me with depression and have given me a reason to wake up in the morning.

Unfortunately, for the last 10 years, the people in my community are thwarting my efforts and adding additional frustration to this purpose. The most recent incidents are when Living Faith Fellowship Church gave me a 72-hour notice to vacate in August. Why didn't they talk to me personally in June and gave me a 30-day notice to vacate? Because I won't slave for the other people who have horses. In March 2014, I had to file a case in Federal Court for additional Fourth Amendment violations.

Living Faith Fellowship Church youth pastor at my friends yard sale. After he eye-balled me, he calmly strutted over to see if my livestock were anywhere around. 
Hey, the garage sale is over here!  After he saw me, he strutted past the garage sale to see if my horses were on the other property. Living Faith Fellowship Church couldn't believe I was that fortunate to find a place for my three horses in 72-hours. I'm sure he ran back to the "Christian" church to tell his accomplices because what does the church teach? Thou shalt oppress and torture the downtrodden woman.

As I sat and watched, his wife had about $50 of items in her arms. He went over and whispered in her ear, then, she put all the items back. My friend was a single, vulnerable, lady who needed the money. She also had a stroke. These are the Christians in Klamath Falls, Oregon. A month later, she told me that the Boy Scouts were going to volunteer to clean up her garbage. They never did. I called the main Boy Scout headquarters in Portland and they told me the Boy Scouts group was from Living Faith Fellowship Church. On December 31st 2013, my friend told me to take down my fence or she would rip it down which she did. All of these actions in Klamath Falls, Oregon have led to the ILLEGAL impoundment of my farming vehicle.

This is me and my two sons before they were "legally" abducted. Churches do not care about the injustices going on. All they want to do is harp on "sexuality". We must make gay marriage legal once and for all so that Christian bigots such as Living Faith Fellowship Church will not be able to divert their attention to innocent women while planning their own agenda. See Boy Scout list of pedophiles.

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