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A blog about bullies who use physical tactics like social alienation and humiliation. Looking different can provoke bullying and will typically trigger social isolation and weakness. Bullies almost always abuse power and use deliberate and depraved indifference. Some bullies go away, but others get angry and keep bullying until they get a reaction. That’s what they want. Some bullies have high self-esteem. They feel good about themselves. They feel better by picking on others. Most of the time, bullying isn’t about high or low self-esteem. It’s about having power.

Fury For You

Fury For You

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ridding The Cops Of Their Arrogance

What kind of a craven coward would beat his wife or child senseless for any reason?  

By Senator Doug Whisett

     Oregon statistics paint a grim picture of local family violence and neglect. Klamath County ranks in the top tenth percentile in domestic violence, child abuse and the use of illegal drugs. Our local rate of child abuse and neglect stands at an astounding twenty five cases per one thousand children. That rate of abuse is twice as high as the Oregon and national averages. In fact among the 36 Oregon counties, Klamath ranks a dismal third in child abuse and neglect.

        What kind of a craven coward would beat his wife or child senseless for any reason? Personally, I cannot fathom what would cause a man to physically or sexually abuse a woman or child even once. Yet it happens on a daily basis in our community. The abuse is usually serial and prolonged.

        A very small percentage of the domestic and sexual violent acts that are committed are ever reported to law enforcement authorities. Of those victims that do report, we know that, on average, they have previously experienced violent intimate partner abuse at least seven times. Domestic and sexual violence affects not only those abused, but witnesses, family members, co-workers, friends and the community at large.

        Klamath County suffers from culture where domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking and child abuse has become commonplace and is inexplicably accepted by many in the community. In addition, Klamath County experiences significant sex trafficking.

        Abusive behavior is often both familial and generational. Children who witness domestic violence are victims themselves. Growing up amidst violence predisposes them to a multitude of social and physical problems. Constant exposure to violence in the home and abusive role models teaches these children that violence is a normal way of life and places them at risk of becoming society’s next generation of victims and abusers.

        Marta’s House/ Klamath Crisis Center is working hard to do something about this blight on our communities. Wanda Powless and her capable staff at Marta’s House/Klamath Crisis Center provide a variety of services to victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Among those services are twenty-four hour emergency shelter, a twenty-four hour crisis help line, twenty-four hour in-person response to the emergency room for sexual assault victims, and extensive support services designed to help victims disengage from abusers and learn to live an abuse free and productive life.

The investigation will show, one candle is being lit for Hanukkah

What kind of a craven coward would criminally harass and annoy any woman for any reason?  
By Kini Cosma

Randy Bowman, the honorably retired, Nazi Kapo, Bolshevik, Zionist jew from Napa, California, who was a city rogue cop doing what he pleased and robbing women of their families by influencing, defiling, and getting away with slander and libel and privacy violations. The state and federal judges who encouraged it.
Kem Kantor, the jew who pilfered Kini's $100k rightfully inherited trust funds so she would have to live in abject poverty with no professional career or financial gain. The state and federal judges that encouraged it.
 Scott Smith, the shit disturbing twerp in Lassen County, California, who wins DA trials by abusing her because he is the one who is going to "tell".  Coldwell Banker permitted these actions for years while a battered woman was unable to relocate.  The state and federal judges that encouraged it.
 The Highland Apartments, in Klamath Falls, Oregon, authorized excessive menaces at her studio apartment to disturb her.  You could hear every detail of their sex. The menaces coincidently disappeared whenever police were called.  Settled out of court early. 
Gary Richardson the sloth who antagonized one woman's wild horse and dogs. Then, gets her prosecuted because the cowardly cops can't control him. Richardson's residence violated every Klamath County code in the book. His landlord was not held accountable for harboring menaces in an illegal structure. The Klamath County Sheriff told me I was going to be arrested the next time I called. This punk hung on the fence while screaming obscenties at me, throwing garbage in my yard, aggravating my Mustangs...while telling the cops I would not allow him to work on his vehicles. Richardson's garage was on the other side. The state and federal judges that encouraged it. 

Don Goodin the miser who buys food stamps from the drunks at 50% value and duplicates rent while running out tenant into her van. Shoots his neighbor with a gun, then gets his case dismissed by the Klamath County cowardly D.A. I know a woman who shot and killed a man for trespassing on her own property but was sent away for 20 years because she buried his carcass on her property.
  Bruce Flouter, the Beatle Juice of American misogynist bigots, who enjoyed threatening to bash Cosma's teeth in and denigrating her by calling her derogatory names like Dike, Whore...because his wife wears the pants in the family and he has a gender identity problem.  One woman encouraged it because tenant didn't want to be poked and tickled by her male guests. The state and federal judges that encouraged it. 
  Fritz Hoehn the "as is" lemon law exception to the rule that sells cars to women only usable for 12 days. Then, wouldn't return her money.  Judge Wogan unconstitutionally and illegally sent me to a mental institution . He conveniently lost my legal documents expecting me to reserve the parties knowing how dangerous serving legal papers is. There is a Sheriff service that does this. The state and federal judges that encouraged it.
  B&E Automotive- The carburator punk who lies and tells you he bench tested your carburator but in actuality messed it up while charging a $125.  The state and federal judges that encouraged it.
 BBC Ministries, the church quickly volunteering and willing to tow her vehicle from in front of the church to the incompetent B&E Automotive mechanic so she can live in his driveway.
  Officer Madden and other Klamath County officers, who find no problem in spewing womens belongings all over the Fairground parking lot while seizing her vehicle(s) without due process at the whim of Sheriff Evinger, leaving her homeless in the winter freeze.  The state and federal judges that encouraged it.
 Chris Little, the landlord and contractor who can illegally evict people who pay rent without due process using the police because he has a gender identity problem and needs to take it out on other woman by running them around in circles and ordering them to paint their trailer bedroom, kitchen, living room certain colors, change lighting fixtures to meet his desires.  The state and federal judges that encouraged it.
 Noah Cash, the AARP and IRS Tax Representative who straddled Cosma's neck with his arms over your shoulders in order to point to information in your booklet. You won't appreciate his pubic hair beard in your hair. He asked that Cosma stay after hours until 20 updates downloaded on their computer then being reprimanded that Cosma did not tell him when she walked out, deleting her homework to discourage her from taking the required exam to retaliate, acting like nothing ever happened, then continue to email her like it was her fault you didn't continue the required course.
 A Christian teacher, Tim Kee, who was willing to teach profiled lesbians a lesson because his wife has her finger stuck up his ass. The kind where you can never catch them playing their pranks but you know he is doing it type thing. 

Many others in Lassen County, California. Twenty-five witnesses were subpeona'd (filed in court) only to be told by the judge to go home at court recess. 

I was given 10 citations for minor code violations. The U.S. Government has given immunity to others in violation of Klamath County codes in exchange to harass and annoy me so I will get sent to a mental institution.
Intimidation so that tenant and guest thoroughfare is blocked. My guests do not want to come into a white trash trailer park zone. Destroying a panel on my property wasn't good enough.
It is against the law to have fireplaces in travel trailers. These tenants have been given immunity so that they can deliberately annoy me and send me to a mental institution. Then, they can come into my residence and clean me out. Isn't it fun and funny to make threats?
My opinion? For whatever it's word. Wishing the US Government, CPS Agencies, law enforcement and their thugs, a Happy Thanksgiving.

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