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A blog about bullies who use physical tactics like social alienation and humiliation. Looking different can provoke bullying and will typically trigger social isolation and weakness. Bullies almost always abuse power and use deliberate and depraved indifference. Some bullies go away, but others get angry and keep bullying until they get a reaction. That’s what they want. Some bullies have high self-esteem. They feel good about themselves. They feel better by picking on others. Most of the time, bullying isn’t about high or low self-esteem. It’s about having power.

Fury For You

Fury For You

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Fight For Basic Needs Will Never Be Over

Kini Cosma contends the gang stalking community of Klamath Falls originates from Napa, California where her misfortune began and has not stopped for 15+ years. As a lone Jew in her Klamath Falls, Oregon, town she finds living among the redneck and hick community a bit tricky.

When someone accuses and complains that the police and child protective services are trafficking your children by accepting Federal funding under Title IV-E, the child's abduction was for frivolous concerns, impounding vehicles and crushing businesses without due process a form of gang stalking and covert harassment begins.

Community vigilante justice indoctrinates, isolates, and abandons a person of interest for threats and targeted malicious prosecution and mischief to cause substantial inconvenience, tampering with or interfering with someone’s property, or intentionally or recklessly damaging someone else's property. Can you imagine having to answer to meth addicts, drunken alcoholics, hooligans and punks who live in your immediate vicinity. 

Disruptions by intimidation include making themselves known as a threat when monitoring her coming and goings. In daily life, when it is necessary to escape, changes in employment, residence and phone numbers take a toll on well-being and lead to a sense of isolation. There have been  separated acts that make up the intrusion together (cumulative effect) of mental assaults disruptively to break into the life-world and cause the mental abuse.
Gang Stalking And Covert Harassment Stalking designed by these programs are overwhelming and all the events that happen take quite a long time to explain. We can only attempt to explain a no-touch torture which is toxic to targeted people who experience this form of human elimination. Fear mongering, anal-probes, uncorrected lies, sensory disorientation, malevolent peaked curiosity ("Hey, what do you have down there that we don't know about?" implied behavior) deteriorates their target's physical health and damages them psychologically.

Although a target may know their stalkers and where they live, victims are accused of being delusional. They are accused of having mental problems or being on drugs. If a victim relocates, they are tortured in their new home. If victims have to abandon their homes and try to live with family, live in a motel, or live in their cars, they are tracked by police and harassed. Tampering with a witness means that victims find themselves accused of being delusional and can be hospitalized for being "a danger to themselves and others". Some victims are forced to take drugs for psychiatric conditions they do not have.

In my case, local law enforcement and state judges hospitalized me because they refused to grant me a jury trial. I had exculpatory evidence against judges in the form of legal documents. The public defender didn't have to investigate their alleged offense any further then the courthouse. This labeling of real experiences is like giving you a lobotomy, it cruelly denies your right to think and feel. It negates your real torture experience and invalidates your human identity.

Causing Self-Inflicted Harm How do you create self-harm? By re-identifying yourself as a delusional victim of persecutors even though they are real. This requires a deputized community, organized for gang mentality involving deception, coercion, forced undue influence, retaliation, reputation overkill, disloyalty and disrepect. ("Why are you a sex offender, whose child did you molest?" type attitudes are a constant ridicule. Stalking jokes to grocery stocker play on words...)

False claims of stalking, "gang stalking" and delusions of persecution Now, law enforcement and the Department of Justice would like everyone to believe people like me have pre-existing psychotic disorders or psychological factors, including anger, hostility, projection of blame, obsession, dependency, denial, and jealousy so that they can ignore our complaints. They want you to believe people who complain obsessively and for years, about a perceived wrong or wrong-doer, when no one else can perceive the injury—and people who cannot or will not "let go" of a person or a place or an idea. These agencies have no antipathic feelings  toward vulnerable, weak, and defenseless women. 

The psychological and physical abuse is compounded with financial abuse so that the victim cannot afford surveillance of her own. For example, because I filed suit against the courts and law enforcement, they have refused to investigate my complaints of the theft of my $100k rightfully inherited trust estate.

Even "using the term 'gangstalking' is self-perpetuating paranoia, a form of self-inflicted harm that is the primary earmark of torture programs." Said Bob Levin

How a team of stalkers terrorizes a neighborhood or an individual Group stalking includes a group who repeat parades in front of you when you go outside. They often come outside and stare at you while you are doing yard work and laugh at accidents. Police protect and support the stalkers. They follow you and make up tickets. I had a Grand Juror target me in traffic and cause traffic accidents I've never had before. When targets report stalking to 911, the operator makes fun of their complaint, and then calls the stalker who comes out and waves at you.

Attacking Individual Fears Cops can siff through your medical history. It doesn't take much to convince the staff and a hospital that law enforcement needs access. Data is unsecured by confidentiality. So strong are their manipulation, that written and verbal complaints are not answered. The standard response to a complaint is silence. Victims lose their privacy and dignity due to the use though this kind of technology.

Repeated acts of no-touch torture and invisible torture evoke the question, "Why would someone do this to another person?" The answer is, so you would ask that very question under a fog of delusional suspicion. This neutralizes or kills people who have done little or nothing but may oppose illegal government activities. For instance, I was criminally slandered, libeled, and defamed as a female sex offender. Because I am gay, I refuse to depend on and fuck American men. After all, how far does a lesbian woman think she can get in life when her family had been wiped out?

DOJ has unfettered access to your bank and credit card activity Could it be that when I made payments from my credit card that I was monitored under the Patriot Act by DOJ law enforcement? When you have filed complaints against the DOJ for uninvestigated civil and human right violations through a ongoing basis of substantial police abuse, the last thing they want is for you to appear like a nice lady. 

Donating to a good cause will show you are a nice person (I sponsored a child from Quito, Ecuador and now the Children International has informed me that the child I have been sponsoring is missing.)

If you order something online, rest assured, the targeted victim will receive a problem with the merchandise he/she ordered. "How could they have made that mistake?" you think. "It must be part of your delusional thinking," ridicules another.

Organized gang stalking also includes invidious discrimination. For instance, if they find out you are a client of a food bank, expect to get boxes of cheese and macaroni because all of a sudden they are out of quality foods or better brands.
Business Home Offices Crushed By Massive Perversion Of Justice And Vigilante Justice
Owning a home business office is out of the question for a targeted witnesses and the threats of intimidation substitute any motivation. Energy is wasted on persuasion, fraud, or duress when dealing with men slithering around waiting for your invitation to intrude your home. Of course I don't mean all men - we all may have brothers, lovers, sons, fathers, colleagues and friends who are not women-haters at all. 

The point is the prevailing wind of misogyny is still blowing through everything, that erupts in public with cases like mine so you can see it spelled out loud and clear. It sustains women's lower pay and the objectifying of women.

Nor are women nicer than men - they are often collaborators in other women's oppression. What I mean here is an institutional misogyny, a default position, underlying assumptions and prejudices that surface less often in public. It lurks. 

I'm telling ya, those straight bitches are ugly
You only have to look at the domestic violence figures to see the under-currents. No, I don't belong to the 'all men are rapists' school - but I do think society is institutionally instinctively misogynist using all kinds of forms of overt or covert pressure, manipulation, convincing, force, fraud, human rights violations. Withholding of services results in growing suspicions when you wonder why you haven't earned a single cent from Pay Pal and Amazon affiliate programs... when advertising for 5+ years. Surely, the American people can't be happy that this stuff goes on.

Legal Abuse Syndrome is a psychic injury, not a mental illness. It is a personal injury that develops in individuals assaulted by ethical violations, legal abuses, betrayals, and fraud. Abuse of power and authority and a profound lack of accountability in our courts have become rampant, compounding an already stressful experience. 

Whatever the court setting, whether it is regarding divorce, child custody, parental support, probate matters, personal injury, property disputes, legal or medical malpractice, criminal charges or other deeply personal issues, the frauds put forth in our courts add greatly to the trauma. When litigants are unable to get fair resolution to their issues, when the court dysfunction further adds to the litigant's burden, when no amount of actual case law compels an equitable outcome, litigants suffer often disabling levels of stress. 

When further attempts to achieve redress fail, any practice specifically designed and intended to ensure or significantly increase the odds that a plaintiff suffers restricted movement and freedom of choice.  Perpetrators of coercion may include anyone in a position of trust, authority, or relative power in relation to the abuse. Examples are: industry employees, hospital staff, medical professionals, prospective adopters, social workers, government social policy makers, the persons own parents, clergy and nuns, etc. 

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I was promised a job in the legal industry making substantial money, spent a lot of time in college. Then, corrupt lying police officers stigmatized me as a sex offender. State and federal judges targeted me and exploited my work for 15+ years while forcing me to conform to the ways of American men. This also is a form of human trafficking.