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A blog about bullies who use physical tactics like social alienation and humiliation. Looking different can provoke bullying and will typically trigger social isolation and weakness. Bullies almost always abuse power and use deliberate and depraved indifference. Some bullies go away, but others get angry and keep bullying until they get a reaction. That’s what they want. Some bullies have high self-esteem. They feel good about themselves. They feel better by picking on others. Most of the time, bullying isn’t about high or low self-esteem. It’s about having power.

Fury For You

Fury For You

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Out Of The Ground Comes Our Destiny: The Absence Of Shame By PsychoPath Leaders

The Mystery of the Swastika Forest Explained. From NSA to Organized Gang Stalking Against Citizens Sweeping Across The USA


From NSA to Organized Gang Stalking Targeting Victims 

Who allows the relentless psychological battering and remotely applied technological physical assaults on targeted individuals?
Neighborhood Watch Involvement in Organized Gang Stalking

* Turning your home into a torture chamber
* Making your life unbearable
* Committing you into a mental institution without due process
* Seizing and confiscating your property without due process
* Noise campaigns and neighbors used as informants
* Annoying conversations loud enough for you to hear
* Coincidence after coincidence
* The use of constant provoked outrage added to additional onslaughts
* Pitting neighbor against neighbor
* Those who inflict ceaseless negative impact upon the chosen target until they no longer can tolerate the harassment forcing the target to flee their residents just so they can loot the target's property
* Knowing when you come and go

How the U.S. Government erodes a persons communication skills and the use of experimentation:

While many of these actions are welcome to safe guard a person or their property. These actions can also be used to hurt your mental health and cause you to needlessly wonder about motives. For instance, I have terrible human right violations which have caused me to distrust people altogether. 

I have three Mustang horses.  While  experiencing vigilante justice, homelessness and illegal seizures of my personal property, real property, rightfully inherited trust, and torture tactics by U.S. officials, I have somehow managed to preserve my Mustangs.

Living Faith Fellowship Church in Klamath Falls, Oregon was gracious to me by allowing me to store my Mustangs on their property for years at reasonable rates.  After a fall out with neighboring borders who neglected their animals, the Church allowed me to stay, not requesting payment for practically a year. 

Then, on July 23, 2013, three members of the Church ganged up to ambushed me with a 72-hour Notice to vacate my Mustangs. Now, I don't know how many women can perform such a miracle unless they are having sex with a man. While the Church knows where I live and that I am a targeted individual, they have no mercy when it comes to surprising you with bad news...B'Jeeeezzeus!

It is really interesting because the true underlying reason for their action I truly think if Jesus returned, the Christian people would do much, much, more than hammer spikes in His  hands...B'Jeeeezzeus!

The real truth of the matter was that members of the Church saw that I purchased a new vehicle, a gas scooter.  

Now, the Church claimed that they needed their property back because they wanted  to build on it. Not that they needed to provide any excuse for any reason at all, their real reason is: Jealousy...B'Jeeeezzeus!

So, I wonder why can't Christian people talk to one another instead of spreading and using these nasty signs?  I'm not an unreasonable person. The Church and their Christian people have this need to stick it to you so they can worship the Lord and cry out...B'Jeeeezzeus!

What does it matter to them if I need reasonable transportation for my seasonal horse shoeing business and other non-profiting businesses (Equestrian Travel Mall and Legal Services) at the local library? ...B'Jeeeezzeus!

What does it matter to them if one of my horses has been sick and dying and that I've needed to spend countless, dedicated time trimming her hooves in order that her coffin bone stops rotating? ...B'Jeeeezzeus! 

Does it matter to Christians that I  need to care for her so that she will get well, that I have not gotten to fully enjoy my Mustangs, feeding them so other can enjoy their beauty: that my van cannot go into reverse and is a gas guzzler, that I am in the process of repairing a vehicle (Oregon State Judge Cameron Wogan indiscriminately and conveniently lost some of my legal documents for in order not to grant my summary judgment for a vehicle that worked for 12 days), cleaning community feces flowing through my living quarters, battling a shit disturbing twerp living next to me because I won't tolerate his money mooching for drugs, etc...B'Jeeeezzeus!
CASE NO.: P-878-09


Members of the Organization of American States,



This Petition is respectfully presented to this Honorable Commission pursuant to Article 23 of the Rules of Procedure of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on behalf of Kini Cosma, et al., United States Citizens, by:

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