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A blog about bullies who use physical tactics like social alienation and humiliation. Looking different can provoke bullying and will typically trigger social isolation and weakness. Bullies almost always abuse power and use deliberate and depraved indifference. Some bullies go away, but others get angry and keep bullying until they get a reaction. That’s what they want. Some bullies have high self-esteem. They feel good about themselves. They feel better by picking on others. Most of the time, bullying isn’t about high or low self-esteem. It’s about having power.

Fury For You

Fury For You

Thursday, May 16, 2013

How The U.S. Government Traffics Women

There is now substantiated evidence that U.S. Officials have endorsed cruel and unusual punishment (torture) and premeditated murder in the case of one disenfranchised Hebrew American, Kini Cosma vs. The United States of America. [Inter-American Commission On Human Rights, Organization Of American States CASE NO.: P-878-09; ICC Communication OTP-CR-886/09]

Still no remedies available for these violations or the disparate treatment set forth under Title VII while retaliating against this appellant by conspiring against her rights under 18 USC §241.

It appears, that the time demanded of our actions and efforts are not worthy to prevent future lapses in professional conduct and policies that violate human rights. State and federal grand juries have no authority to investigate criminal abuse-of-power allegations.  The Justice Department and state bar associations are unable to probe pre-emptive prosecution, illegal detention, torture of those subjected to such tactics of lawlessness and police indifference. Sadly, your disregard for the Constitution leaves us in a poverty-drenched environment with prolonged injuries and adverse psychological effects.

While others have been oppressed, the option for many have been to shut their eyes and ears and hearts while inventing plots involving impoverished citizens in economically deprived cities.  Torture and mistreatment breeds political instability and discontent weakening governments and societies. Why? Because the lack of resistance is deemed to be the consent of the governed.

In fact, one of the tactics of the police responses around the country has been to arrest people and then release them without charge-locking people up just to get them out of the way as they have in my case by sending me to a mental institution without due process and without merit!

Ladies, Want To "Be All That You Can Be?" 
Just join the military.

I was promised a job in the legal industry earning substantial wages. Instead, I was illegally convicted as a sex offender. This outraged me considering the U.S. Government did not provide me with due process and deliberately violated all my civil and human rights. For 15+ years, I was then forced to use all the skills I obtained from law school to battle their violations only to be exploited. Being promised a job in the military is no different. The military (all branches) offer all it's benefits including education, medical care... and making substantial money for a promotion of sexual assaults (Another form of human trafficking).  
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel
But, don't worry ladies, you may saved yet by your hero, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who seems to be the only one concerned with the evil deeds of American men.

Guaranteed to make your vagina all it could be
Around May 7, 2013, the Pentagon has already disclosed one particularly startling statistic: within the ranks of the military, the number of service members who say they’ve been sexually assaulted during the last year amounts to roughly 26,000.

By comparison, 19,300 service members answered similarly in a 2010 study, suggesting the number of attacks has increased by one- third in just two years’ time.

"Sexual assault is a persistent problem and there is more work to be done," the Pentagon acknowledged in a statement obtained by USA Today.

These are the kinds of things that spin out of control when not stopped immediately and are ignored. 

Top Army officer accused of sex crimes: ‘I'm a general, I'll do whatever the f**k I want’

Does this sound familiar?  Sounds like what they say to me when I complain of sexual harassment.  (The U.S. Government stigmatized me as a "sex offender") So, now when being harassed by American men they say, "If you dont' like it move!"

Sadly, the safety of American females are not a priority. Read what my last resort court (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights) says is a priority: 



Washington D.C., May 15, 2013 – The Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) expresses its concern that the United States Department of Justice has requested the telephone records of journalists from the news agency The Associated Press (AP) from the telephone companies concerned. This type of practice could affect the free exercise of journalism by putting the confidentiality of journalistic sources at risk.

The news gathering activities undertaken by the AP during a two-month period, provide a road map to AP’s news gathering operations, and disclose information about AP’s activities and operations that the government has no conceivable right to know.”

The Office of the Special Rapporteur notes with concern that this type of practice can harm the free exercise of journalism and affect the right of journalists to keep the identity of their sources confidential, as reflected in Principle 8 of the Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression of the IACHR: “Every social communicator has the right to keep his/her source of information, notes, personal and professional archives confidential.”

As the Office of the Special Rapporteur has indicated on other occasions, the importance of the right to the confidentiality of sources lies in the fact that in the context of their work and in order to provide the public with the information necessary to satisfy the right to receive information, journalists perform an important service to the public when they collect and publish information that would not otherwise come to light if the confidentiality of their sources were not protected. Thus, confidentiality is an essential element of journalists’ work and of the role that they play in society of reporting about matters of public interest.

As a result, when it is completely necessary for the State to carry out this type of action, it is not sufficient to comply with ordinary guarantees of due process. Those who are involved must be notified so that reporters are forewarned about the actions that are being carried out, permitting them to protect their sources of information.

The Office of the Special Rapporteur reminds the State of the need to adopt all necessary measures to avoid putting this fundamental guarantee for the free exercise of journalism at risk.

To learn more how the U.S. Government allows American men to "do what they want", please visit

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Human Trafficking Victims

Human Trafficking Victims
I was promised a job in the legal industry making substantial money, spent a lot of time in college. Then, corrupt lying police officers stigmatized me as a sex offender. State and federal judges targeted me and exploited my work for 15+ years while forcing me to conform to the ways of American men. This also is a form of human trafficking.